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Europe: What Works!

Park Hyatt Vienna, Austria, 10 November 2015 from 9:00 to 18:00

Europe boasts the largest integrated economy in the world, home for 25 million companies, 215 million jobs and 500 million consumers.  Over the last 60 years, Europe has been a land of peace and opportunity, with high standards of living for its middle classes, high social mobility, inclusive access to healthcare and education, and a protective social model.  Europe's standards remain inspirational and aspirational across the world.

But times are testing.

On one hand, advanced economies like the United States are increasingly embracing new technologies and innovation to maintain their productivity growth. But innovation also requires changes in labor skills and causes disruption in established firms and industries.  Keeping the innovation pace with other advanced economies will demand from everyone - workers, companies, and governments – the ability to embrace innovation and the agility to adapt.  

On the other hand, the centre of gravity of the world’s economy is shifting towards the East.  As billions of people in emerging markets enter the global economy, the enormous opportunity of the expanding global market will be balanced by the greater competitive pressures in a levelled global playing field.  Europe’s standards of living will need to be justified by its superior productivity and innovation.

A growing and productive Europe can be an engine for the world economy, and an inspiration for global citizens.  But how will Europe rise to the challenge?

Europe’s traditional values – social mobility, strong education, productive cooperation between management and labor, creativity and openness to innovation – can serve as the pillars to build a more productive Europe.  A Europe that works!

The conference will highlight how some of these values have allowed European companies to retain global leadership, foster innovation, generate growth, and share wealth and opportunity.

The INSEAD Global Business Leaders Conference brings together leading thinkers and top business practitioners from in- and outside Europe to ask the tough questions and propose solutions. 

Founded in Europe out of a bold entrepreneurial vision to bridge divides between people and cultures, INSEAD, the Business School for the World, leads this debate on the future for business in Europe.